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Will Mars Run Away?

Turns out, the answer is yeah, probably, except not running, maybe walking, slowly.  Like a saunter, or a stroll.  Similar to a cow, although, none of those on this farm!

Odie, the anxious crossHis nose gets him into a lot of trouble, but he would need hours and hours to actually get far enough away for us to worry, because even though his nose is what’s driving him further away, it’s also what slows him down and forces him to evaluate every square inch of his surroundings.

So when you put Mars on a grain farm, with his big brave sister, and a new friend, Odie the Springer Spaniel/Newfoundland cross, take away fences, rules and boundaries, there’s lots to check out and everyone is curious.  Of course, Odie is an outside pup, and he lives here on the farm, so he knows all the good spots!  Thank gosh he hasn’t shown Mars the garbage pit yet.

Mars and Frost - Taking in the scene

Now at first, Mars did what he always does. Followed Frost. Mostly because he’s a coward and he looks to her for direction and reassurance, but it took only a few short hours for him to find courage and venture off for himself.

The beautiful thing about his nose too, is it always leads him back home, and because he knows we have his dinner and a warm bed to sleep in, we know he’ll always come home.

With Frost of course, there’s nothing to worry about. She found a stick, and as long as she keeps an eye on where Mars is, she’s happy to just stay beside the house.

They’ve been out in the cold all day, with no inclination to come back inside (completely against everything Mars stands for at home normally), and they show no signs of stopping.

A big thank you to the Cassons for having us out to their beautiful farm here in Saskatchewan!





It’s time for Mum to have another nap! 😉

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