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Tim Tam!

When did you join the army?

September 2012, at 21 years old. I was sent to Alpha Company 3PPCLI in May 2013.  3PPCLI is the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, 3rd Battalion, and it is the only light infantry battalion in western Canada.  3 PPCLI members are trained in a variety of methods such as parachute, helicopter, vehicle, boat, but most importantly, on foot.  They train in complex terrains that would be difficult for mechanized forces, such as in urban areas or mountainous terrain.

What motivated you to join?

I wanted my job to mean something, I wanted it to have purpose. I didn’t want to be the type of person who sat behind a desk.

What has being in the army taught you about yourself?

Being in the army has taught me that I had no idea what it was to be cold or wet, or even tired and that day to day life is easy.

When did you realize you were passionate about fitness?

Probably around 2009, is when I really began to show an interest in fitness, which developed into a passion.


What is the best piece of advice you can give someone who is looking to start making better choices?

Stop taking shortcuts.

What inspires you?

Jenn, and Frost and Mars do. Jenn inspires me because she’s started two things now, from nothing, and she’s making them into something wonderful. Frost inspires me because when she sees what she wants, that’s the only thing in the world that matters, whether it’s me, or her mom, or even just a stupid ball. And lastly, Mars inspires me because he is so hungry he will literally eat shit to feel full, and that’s what passion is really about.


What type of post secondary education do you see yourself doing, if any?

Something do do with the fitness industry, whether it be practical or theoretical, human health is important to me.


What is the coolest experience and/or opportunity you’ve had in your life?

Travelling with the military, it has taken me all across the U.S. and Canada, to Poland, and even to witness in person, the centennial celebration of the Vimy Ridge memorial.


What was your first emotion after finding out about the pregnancy?

Fear, because we have had a bad history with pregnancies, and I was afraid it would repeat itself, the fear helped me from getting my hopes up or getting excited.


How did that change at the 12 week mark?

It flipped completely, it was a huge relief knowing that everything was going great, and there were no concerns. Now I’m really excited! I can’t wait!


What is the funniest pregnancy side effect that your partner is dealing with?

She’s losing her mind in every possible way. I was in the spare bedroom playing video games, and she sneaks in, lays down on the floor and begins to sob heavily. So of course, I panic, “What’s wrong sweetheart?” “I just really want an Arizona Iced Tea and it’s upsetting that we don’t have any.”


What are you most looking forward to about fatherhood?

Just raising someone to kick ass, mostly!


What are you least looking forward to?

Well, all the pets seem to like to poop on me, so probably along those lines. Perhaps the child will take after the pets, but if there’s any hope left in the world at all, the child will teach the pets not to poop on me, however unlikely that scenario may be.


What do you think fatherhood is going to change about you?

Everything. I think I’ll have more patience, but also I will have more poop on me, probably.


About your relationship?

I think we will value the time that we get alone together, more.

What is your first memory with a dog?

Racing our dog Shadow around the house that our grandparents were building, i beat him once because he wasn’t really paying attention, and I was so excited, that I told my mom to watch the second time, I took off and when I was doubling back on the other side of the house, I tripped and ate it so hard. I quickly got up and ran back to my mom, I never told her that I tripped, and also, the dog didn’t race me at all.

How does having dogs affect your life?

There’s just so much love, not that there wasn’t before but now there’s just so much, (as I stare at Frost like she’s the only thing that exists in the world.)

In 5 words, describe your partner the way you perceive them.

Caring, supportive, motivated, opinionated, and farty. She’s definitely farty.