Mum's Pack

fur, flesh, chaos

Baby Peyton!

Our newest pack member!

As we come up on the third trimester, things are changing fast!

Our house is now slowly filling with baby related paraphernalia, the pages in my pregnancy books are dog eared and have post-its scattered throughout, and as excited as we are, nothing compares to the dance that Baby P is doing inside my belly!  We can feel her moving and kicking, and trying to break free of her restraints (sorry little one, no early release or parole for this prisoner), and every bit she struggles is a reminder of how crazy things are about to get!

She’s happy and healthy, and so far, so are we!  We’ve got health tests and concerns out the wazoo, but we know that no matter what, everything is going to be perfect, and that’s good enough!

With her energy levels now, I can only imagine the amount of sleep that I will be missing when she comes, but for now, she can’t stop Mum from napping!

Stay tuned for updates on the growth of our baby girl Peyton, as well as ‘Letters to an Animal Cracker‘, letters for Peyton as she grows up and experiences the world!