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The News You’ve All Been Waiting For!

Baby P, a lady!

Lil’ Miss P, she’s got some trials and tribulations in this world, not because she’s a girl, but because life is hard.

My goal is not to empower her feminism specifically, but to teach her the importance of morals and values, fairness and equality, and teach her that she is no better or worse than anyone else in this world.

I want her to learn that no matter if you’re white, black, brown or green, male, female or what have you, short, tall, handicapped or able-bodied, every person has their own battles, inside and out, and no one is to be judged. We all have our own wars waging, so she needs to learn that she can empower people to conquer our wars with strength and support.

She will grow up aware of her impact. On the environment, other creatures and species, her community and her peers. She will learn how to take care of herself, she will learn how to discover and learn without holding back or sacrifice.

We will hold her accountable for her actions and decisions, but we will treat her with fairness and respect.

We will never harm her, physically or mentally. We will educate her, and from that she will come to her own conclusions, draw her own opinions, and she will form her own beliefs.

She will learn how to provide for herself and others, but more importantly she will learn that she can do that with more than just money. She will learn that money is not to be cherished. We will show her that the things and moments in life that are irreplaceable are to be cherished endlessly.

She will learn how to ensure that she is happy, and she will put her own well-being first. She will care for others, but she will not live to please them, and most of all, she will NEVER live to please her parents, because we understand that she is not ours to own, control or dictate.

She is ours to guide, support, teach and love.

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