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Running Home Dog Daycare & Boarding and My Sanity

I love my job, I love that I get to work from home, and decide my own hours and how much I make, and I love that I get to take naps with dogs all around me every day.

But let me tell you, we have our days of, “Come on guys you know the rules, what’s with all the not listening?” Because of my background and experience, we get a lot of puppies who require basic training and socialization, to anxious and dominant dogs. That means that we have dogs who get worked up, wound up and don’t know how to just relax and be a dog.

It means that we have days where there’s corrections and frustrations, and they aren’t sharing well, or someone tried to get into the cat litter, or maybe someone tried to demolish a baby gate with their teeth. We’re always on our toes, and they can be too loud and they can be too quiet, and they can be too good too. That’s when they all band together and act all nicey nice, and then they overthrow our makeshift government but piling onto me on the couch and hold me hostage.

We have our bad days, but we have some amazing days to. Clover, who refused to go near any other dogs or people on her first night of boarding, due to separation anxiety and being away from her mom, would snap if anyone or anything got too close. We got Clover used to the sights and smells and our presence over the first day, gained her trust and decided to put her on a leash and take her for a walk.

We paired her on the walk with Frost, the only other female pooch around. Clover was afraid of everything, when we were walking the block. Lights and sounds, and movement of shadows everywhere, she found comfort in Frost who is comfortable walking around our neighbourhood. She’s been to these places before and she knows to feel safe and to relax.

From that moment on Clover loosened up, and by the end of her week and a half long stay, she had found a new best friend in Frost, and was able to open up to many of the other dogs as well. She went from tucking her tail when approached by people to bombarding us for belly rubs.

At our meet and greet before her stay, Clover would try and protect her mom from the other dogs, herding them away from her, and when Clover got picked up at the end of her stay, she was excited to invite her friends to meet her mom.

It’s those cases, and those clients that make us smile, that makes all of our hard work and long nights worth it. It’s seeing the look on a dog’s face when they realize just how much fun life is, if only they stop worrying for a moment.

The most important part of my day is letting all the pups parents know how they’re doing, keeping them informed, and educating them on how to help their loved ones gain a little more happiness every day.

Plus, I’ll take yard poop pickup over waitress side duties any day.  Cleaning Eggs Benedict out of the dish pit strainer?  Anything is better than that.

My job is sometimes just too much, but more than that, my job is everything I have ever wanted.

Find what you love, no matter how hard. Let’s make life better.

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