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Regina’s Very Own, Alana W.!

Our third and final feature, for Professional Pet Sitters Week, and her big fur baby Hemi!  Isn’t he handsome?!
“My name is Alana. My other half and I have been watching pups, and occasionally other animals, in Regina for about 3 years.
We are students so we have a flexible open schedule that allows us to devote time and attention to each furry friend we look after.  We started pet sitting because we wanted a pup, but thought it wasn’t the right time.  Our first client was a male Mastiff and we adored him…  So much that, a year down the road we brought our own little one into our home, Hemi!
We decided to keep pet sitting because it allowed us to socialize him with other dogs. He loves all animals, big or small and so do we!”
I personally want to applaud Alana and her S.O., so many people want puppies, and get them before they’re ready!  They made an awesome decision, and from that, they found a breed that was right for them.  I highly recommend that to all prospective dog parents! I also love to hear that pet sitters are doing it not only for themselves, but for their fur kids too.  It makes me so happy, after all, most of the reason I’m a sitter, is Frost!
They’re lives are so important, and I’m so happy that Alana and her family are able to open their doors to others!
Thank you Alana, you do amazing work!

Check out her Rover sitter profile here, and learn more about her!

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