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Rainy Day Riot!

It’s a rainy day here in Edmonton, and what happens on rainy days? Mud.

Mud is what happens. I should mention that not even a week ago, my task of choice was scrubbing the white grout in the kitchen, that since last August, has turned black with mud and yuck. What a mistake.

We don’t get to welcome the nice weather back until the 7th. THE 7TH GUYS. Do you know how long of a wait that is when you run a doggy daycare?! That’s an eternity!

To be fair, our daycare days are over in a little over a month now, so it won’t be so bad if I have to do some touch up scrubbing, but still!

Now, as I’m sure a lot of you know, scrubbing tile and grout is time consuming and hard work, especially for a pregnant lady. A lot of you probably ask if there’s a better way to do it? You know, without all that scrubbing.

Well guys, let me just tell you now, there isn’t an easier way. You can try all kinds of different cleaners and DIY mixtures, but either it’s expensive, hard to find, or you have to spend a week finding a recipe for and cultivating the perfect brew of all natural ingredients just to find that you could have just used an expensive all natural product from the hardware store, that is just as ineffective.

Or, my favourite find, a paint+sealant combo. You literally get down on your hands and knees and just paint your black grout white again. My issue with this, is that 1. It’s paint, so you have to be precise and extra careful, and you have to spend even more time waiting for it to dry. I know I don’t have time for that. Do you? 2. You aren’t actually cleaning anything. All of the bacteria and yuckiness that comes with that dirt and grime, it’s not going anywhere, you’re just painting over it and sealing it into the floor, ignoring the problem itself. It’s purely aesthetic, and it actually takes even longer.

So ladies and gents, get down on your hands and knees, or heck it, land right down on your tuckus and stay there, and get to scrubbing. If you think your floors are bad, take a look at this before photo of our kitchen floor. Compare the grout colour on the floor to the colour of the grout on the tile going up the wall. They should be the same.

So if I can scrub at almost 7 months pregnant, so can you!

My ideal setup? A scrub brush from Dollarama, I believe it cost me $1.50, two large bowls of hot water and a wash cloth.

I use one bowl of hot water for my scrub brush, and the other bowl of water and washcloth to wipe up the excess dirt that frees up when I scrub.

Overall, to scrub the entire kitchen floor and mudroom, it took me collectively about 3 hours. Looking into all of the other alternative cleaners and methods, I’ve seen that it takes people up to 16 hours to do! Unbelievable! Some of those cleaners you have to leave to soak for 8 hours overnight even. Now, if you have a busy house like I do, or you have cats that come alive when the house shuts down in the evening, that’s not an option either.

Honestly guys, just scrub it. Set aside a couple hours, bring the laptop down to the floor, put on a movie, and just scrub.

Look at what it did for me! Quite a difference!

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