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Happy World Spay/Neuter Day!

Happy Tuesday, but more importantly, Happy World Spay/Neuter Day!

Today is all about informing the world (because overpopulated feral cats and street dogs is a worldwide issue!) about the importance of spaying or neutering your pets, it saves lives! Cats and dogs are able to be spayed or neutered after 6 months of age, and studies have shown that it can help prevent some diseases and illnesses, as well it has positive influences on your pets’ behaviors.

I recommend to all of our clients’ parents that they have their pet altered, whether it be for health and safety, or for behavioral reasons, either way, it’s a good idea!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Mum, you have a 7 month old male dog, he’s old enough to be neutered! How can you tell others to?”

That’s a great point, yes Mars is old enough to be neutered, and yes we have decided to wait until he is almost 16 months old to have him neutered. We will never breed Mars intentionally, and most unintentional pet breeding is a result of pets escaping the yard or being unsupervised at the dog park, or sometimes even general carelessness.

Because of my background and experience, we are able to train our dogs not to leave the yard. They know their boundaries, and they know that to go somewhere, they need permission. We intentionally taught Frost how to jump the fence in our yard, specifically so that she is able to retrieve her ball or other toys, but even with that knowledge and skill, meaning she knows she can leave at any time, she will still wait for the command to go over the fence, as well, my experience teaches us to be hyper vigilant when we are near any new dogs. These are pets that we don’t know, and anything can happen, or change in an instant, which means eyes-on, constantly.

The same goes at the dog park, we off leash train our dogs with an extended training lead, so that they learn boundaries and restrictions, and learn to come back when they are called, each and every time. Because of this, our dogs never stray more than 20 feet, and if they do, before they have the opportunity to leave our sight or become unattended, we call them back again.

As well, we instill submission in our dogs, including that they never, under any circumstance, mount or dominate another dog.

I strongly believe in this cause, but more than that, I believe in being a responsible pet owner. I believe that your ability to control your pet and its behaviors should make your decisions. Above all, these are animals, with hundreds of years of genetics and urges that just come natural, and sometimes that just can’t be helped, so if ever Mars begins to show any unwanted signs that we aren’t able to correct, his surgery will be scheduled immediately. Frost and both of our cats have been spayed, because it is an important cause, and it was in the best interest of us and our pets to have it done for them.

We also strongly believe in adopting from shelters in our family, that is something that has always been important to me.  Mars is the only dog that I have ever had, whether mine or a family pet, that came from a breeder.  Even then, we were lucky enough to find an amazing breeder who believes in the same things that we do.  Responsible pet ownership!  They were so thorough when making sure that we would take care of one of their little babies, because they CARE.  This puppy’s life, all of the puppies’ lives, are important to them, and they didn’t want one of them to be surrendered to a shelter either.

Let’s be great pet owners, raise awareness, and spread knowledge so that we may educate others, adopt from shelters and save some furry lives.

Contact your local animal shelter for more information, and if you would like to donate the cost of a procedure for someone to have their pets spayed or neutered, ask your animal shelter how.

There is also a great registered charity called Alberta Spay and Neuter Task Force, that works in small rural communities here in Alberta, providing pet wellness clinics to the communities faced with overpopulation, this charity is always in need of donations, if you are able to donate, anything helps!

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