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Is Everything Bigger In Texas?

Yes, yes it is! We can prove that with our feature on one fantastic woman with a huge heart, Stephanie Dove!

Stephanie raises registered miniature donkeys and pigmy goats on a beautiful and picturesque ranch in the small Texas county of Karnes. As a single mother of two, Stephanie works hard to keep her ranch running and breeding her brood, but she still felt like she had more to give.

I mean, who doesn’t right?

Millie, Miss P and Jack,
Millie, Miss P and Jack
Trayce and Chi Chi
Trayce and Chi Chi

With numerous dogs of her own, several dozen donkeys and pigmy goats breeding all around, who wouldn’t want to take on a bunch of strays? She decided to begin fostering dogs through the Karnes County Humane Organization and assisting them in raising money for the cause.

Her first foster was ChiChi, and oh what a joy she was. Trayce, her son, fell immediately in love with the pup and they could often be found doing farm chores together.

It was an emotional time when it was determined that ChiChi would move to Canada for her forever home but Trayce, Miss P and Stephanie said their goodbyes and handed her over. After all there are more dogs that need them!


Then along comes Patches and Ranger. Both of these dogs tested negative for heart worm and were sent off to Washington after being pampered at the ranch.

Holly at rescue time with mite demodex mange.

A current foster, which Stephanie pays out of pocket for her dip treatments, is Holly. Holly was infested with fleas and had the worst case of mite demodex mange that Stephanie had ever seen when she took her on. On top of that, she was also pregnant.

Stephanie and her vet decided to abort the puppies as they could not treat the dogs massive health issues and save the babies. In the process, they spayed her. Her uterus weighted 12 lbs with 9 puppies. After 3 months, I think we can all say that they made the right decision, for Holly and the babies, and Holly is now only weeks away from her forever home in Canada.

Holly after treatment for red mange.

All the while, she is also nursing Peach and Robin back to health, and Stephanie is anxiously awaiting their heart worm results. If they are positive, the dogs must stay in Texas, if they come back negative, they are destined for forever homes in Washington.

Stephanie remarks on the best part of fostering with her family, “The most rewarding thing for my kids is being able to love them, rehabilitate them, learn their good and bad habits, then make sure they are in a happy place. Ones that stay in house are much harder to let go, but to see the happiness in their eye, you can see it once they adjust, is priceless.”

I don’t know of many that could top the size of heart this woman has, but she sure puts the love into fostering dogs!

Stephanie is already planning the next fostering group, 5 in all! 3 terrier mixes and 2 dachshunds!

Terrier Mix

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