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Check out this amazing dog mum!

Welcome to Day 1 of 7 of Professional Pet Sitters Week!

As you know we’ll be featuring a different sitter every day for the next 7 days, with a story from each sitter!


To kick off the week, we’re introducing the one, the ONLY, Deanna H., from right here in Edmonton, Alberta!

Now, as a sitter here in Edmonton myself, and with the news of this baby on the way, we’ve unfortunately had to taper down on some of our higher energy daycare clients.  I searched and searched for hours on Rover one day, trying to find the perfect sitter to send my clients to.  Let me tell you, I wouldn’t dare give a referral if I didn’t trust enough to send my own fur babies to stay, and I am a FIERCE momma bear, so this was a hard task.


Deanna and Family

Once I saw Deanna’s profile, that was it!

I immediately referred our amazing client Stephanie and her Husky pup Roxy to Deanna, and they were so pleased!  They let me know that the meet and greet went amazing, and they’re so excited to start using Deanna’s services, thank you Deanna for being such an amazing sitter!

Now, for the good stuff, here’s Deanna’s story!



“So I’ve fallen into pet sitting rather by accident.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved dogs and really enjoy having a large pack around me. But, here’s the thing, I’ve always owned problem dogs.

The ones that are awkward at socializing or have health issues, that kind of thing. However, after some changes to my own home pack, sadly my beloved Pitbull mix, who had severe anxieties, passed away, I found myself with an ideal group of dogs.

An old Mixed girl who is 14 and is pleasant to new animals, and a five year old Poodle, who despite hiding from new humans, is amazing at calming and reading other dogs. And both of these dogs craved new dogs in their life. Now here’s the thing, the dog that passed away left me with a home/yard set up to handle the most extreme dogs.

Fence jumpers, high energy dogs, dogs that need a quiet private space. After mourning our lost pet, I looked around and realized I had a doggy daycare all set up. I had a huge roofed dog run, Kiddie pools, digging areas.

All I needed were some clients. So I joined Rover. It gave me the opportunity to socialize and exercise my other two dogs right in my home! I’m loving it. My son who is nine is great with all animals. Very respectful and well trained kiddo, and he looks forward to 

meeting new dogs.

I have a cat who is basically a dog and most dogs respect her as one of the pack. She even takes walks with my dogs. Basically my house is an ideal place to give dogs a chance to experience lots of the awesome 

things home life has to offer but also safe and well monitored.

And I’m happy as can be watching the goofy antics happening around me.”



Take one look at Deanna’s profile, and you can tell how happy, and relaxed her pups are, and that’s the most important part, and to know the amount of dedication she put in to making her home safe for that one problem Pitbull mix?  Sold!  I would send my own kids to Deanna without hesitation anytime!

Head on over to Deanna’s Rover page (link here) and take a look at her services, reviews and her rates!  Nothing you find will disappoint you!

And thanks again Deanna, we appreciate what you do for our furry families!

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