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Calla is Rockin’ Calgary!

Although Professional Pet Sitters Week is over, we would like to highlight our second sitter, Calla T.!

Calla is a sitter in Calgary, Alberta, she’s a busy lady, but we’re so glad she found a hustle that makes her dreams come true!


“Last September I decided to go back to school part-time. I’m doing a graduate certificate online, and keeping up with my full-time job. It meant I was a little bit busier, and a lot more broke! I’ve tried a few “side hustles” in the past – tutoring high school kids, running yoga retreats, selling crafts at vendor markets, etc. None of them have been as rewarding as Rover! Our family is having a great time hosting and it just feels good to be able to reassure people that their beloved pets are safe and having a good time!

It’s only been a year since I’ve lived somewhere with a fenced yard (and no roommates), which opened us up to amazing dog-friendly opportunities. We adopted our first dog, Cooper, from AARCS (a local rescue in Calgary and Edmonton). Since then we have been dog sitting through Rover and fostering puppies through AARCS almost constantly. Don’t get the wrong idea though – we keep it to a max of two house guests at a time.

Our whole family is benefiting from Rover, and inspiring us to make our home as welcoming as possible! Having new dogs in the house is amazing for Cooper: he gets a ton of exercise and is so well socialized. It’s also a dream come true for me. I’ve loved dogs my whole life and getting to know a new pupper each weekend is just too much fun. I’ve really come to appreciate the different personalities and quirks of e

very dog. My partner, Jeremy, has embraced the dog lifestyle as well.

He was a bit hesitant at first, but reluctantly made all the renovations I requested. He installed puppy fencing in the unfinished basement, repaired the backyard fence and even built little steps so an elderly Rover guest could get up on the couch to snuggle! Jeremy does seasonal construction work, so in the winter he has a 3-4 month layoff. Now he loves that he gets to stay home and hang out with the dogs during the day. He takes them for lengthy morning walks, works on behavior and generally just enjoys the company.

Rover has had a positive impact on our family and I find myself talking to new people about it all the time! I think it’s just the best alternative to traditional dog boarding. Taking your dog to a kennel or boarding facility is drastically different. No matter how good the facility, it’s new and might even be scary for your dog. Staying with a Rover host is still a new environment, but the surroundings and lifestyle are familiar! We wake up and make coffee, cook meals, go for walks, watch tv, hang out in a backyard – it matches your dog’s lifestyle at home much more closely.

I think this level of comfort is the real value of Rover. I’d encourage anyone who is even remotely interested to get in touch with a Rover host! We are always happy to answer questions and chat non-stop about dogs.”

Well said Calla, and we absolutely will chat non-stop about dogs. Half of my requests start out by introductions, set up the meet and greet, and then send each other cute photos of our dogs until the stay.

Dog people are just the best, and that includes you Calla!

Check out Calla’s sitter profile here, and learn more about her!

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