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Baby-Q Festivity Madness!

So the baby shower invitations are in, and I’m working on an invite list. Turns out, we don’t know a lot of people. The people that we do know, are all out of town family and friends…… Dammit.

So traditionally, planning a baby shower is not a task for the mum-to-be, but I wanted to stray away from tradition a little bit. It’s also not a majority female thing either, the goal isn’t to play a bunch of baby themed games, although there will be one or two, and the focus isn’t on gifts and themes.

We’re having a BBQ, or a Baby-Q as they’ve been appropriately dubbed nowadays. Baby BBQs are becoming more and more popular for those expecting in the summer months, and I thought it was a perfect idea, and it suited our family and friends the best.

With Thomas’ job, that means that not only are his blocks of time off and his away schedule a little fuzzy, that means that his work buddies have the same deal going on, so it’s hard to get everyone together all at the same time, just to catch up and relax and just be together, as well as family and friends that are out of town, it’s hard to coordinate their schedule with Thomas’, so that they actually get to visit while they’re visiting.

So when it comes to organizing an event that you also have to time with your pregnancy and due date, and then also factor in the venue and to top it all off, the week before the shower, we’re in BC for a wedding!

Now, even though we’re doing the best we can to make sure that it’s a good date, during a leave block that most of the battalion should have off, still not everyone will be able to make it, and that’s unfortunate, as well my family out East will be unlikely to join us, for health and financial reasons, and that’s sad too.

But because of these things, we have come to appreciate the time that we get to spend with the ones we love, so instead of tradition, we’re going to set up some chairs and lawn games, people will bring beer and their families, we’ll have a couple pooches running around, and we’re just going to have fun enjoying the fun and the weather.

Our goal is that it doesn’t feel like a baby shower, that it doesn’t feel like we worked so hard to plan it and get everyone in the same city at once. We want it to feel like just another summer get together, we want to smoke some meat and eat some home cooked food. That’s how we want to celebrate and welcome Peyton, and I think that’s just perfect.

Stay tuned for photos and videos of our celebration late July!

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