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AWOL – A Whiny Ornery Lady

Alright guys, let’s be honest, I have not been great about the blogging thing in the last two months. Like at all, and let’s be real, it’s because pregnancy is kind of making me miserable lately.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly happy and in love with the life inside of me, but honestly, I am so freaking uncomfortable.

All. The. Time.

There have been some great updates on Peyton since the last time I posted, and I’ll be going through them over the next couple of days, so as not to overwhelm either one of us.

26 Weeks, 3 Days

We found out the gender, we’ve had some more testing done, we’ve picked up some baby supplies, and we’ve started a bedtime routine that is so cute I want to cry every time we do it.

We’ll be updating you on some products that we’ve picked up for Baby P, and giving some general reviews as to how they’re working for us so far, and some tips and tricks on how we’re helping our pups cope with the changes that are fast approaching!

We’ve got some training tips, and ways to make them feel more involved in the process of getting ready for baby, to make sure they still know they’re part of the family!

Keep checking back in with us, as we’ll have a post everyday for you guys to check out!

Happy Sunday!

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